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  • IGIplan Version 1.7.2

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    We are pleased to announce the release of IGIplan version 1.7.2. Some changes of the new version are:


    >> Removed crash when changing label font or font size in visualization template editor


  • IGIplan Version 1.6.8

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    We are pleased to announce the release of IGIplan version 1.6.8. Some changes and features of the new version are:


    >> Code Meter Update Period - Now the time period to update the time certificate of the Codemeter dongle can be pre-set by IGI to another value than 60 days.
    >> Map/DTM Editor - Map/DTM Editor now has a better detection when a map or DTM in a mission planning is edited. If the stored map or DTM settings are changed, the modified state is displayed with a * in the dialog title.



    >> Block DTM object was not named correctly - Previously a new Block DTM - converted from a Segment DTM - was named to Block Contour instead of the correct value Block DTM.
    >> Map/DTM Editor showed black map - In some situations the Map/DTM Editor displayed a black
    map. This is corrected now.
    >> Relative path option in Map/DTM Editor - In some situations the "relative path" option for the file location was not pre-set correctly.


  • Climate protection from the air !

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    Climate protection from the air !

    The city of Oldenburg commissioned our client AVT Airborne Sensing GmbH with a thermal survey. The aim of this mission is a detailed assessment of heat islands and fresh air corridors for Oldenburg's masterplan GreenCity. The results are to show the cooling capacity of green spaces and urban trees.
    Likewise, these data can be used for the urban planning of photovoltaic plants.

    A Dual-DigiTHERM multi-sensor system from IGI is used, which combines two thermal and one RGB sensor. In combination with IGI's AEROcontrol, the sensors can work together synchronously.

    If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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