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  • IGI Webinar

    Ultra-realistic 3D city models with survey-grade accuracy by IGI and Skyline Software Systems!

    Tune in on April 22nd to learn directly from top geospatial industry leaders, including, IGI CEO, Philipp Grimm, Valerio Gulli, Sr Business Development Manager IGI, and Eatay Ben Shechter, VP Imaging Solutions & Services Skyline, discussing the latest industry trends and how we are simplifying the automatic production of ultra-realistic 3D digital twins of cities and urban environments! 

    Join us with our partner Skyline Software Systems to learn more about IGI’s high-end advanced aerial sensor systems that deliver superior image quality with brilliant crispy colours and sharp geometric accuracy, high-quality photogrammetric-grade aerial imagery empowers professional, fully automated, digital photogrammetry production of survey-grade city models and 3D GIS products with perfect radiometry, accuracy, and outstanding resolution -> down to 1.5 cm per pixel captured from manned aircraft! <-


    • IGI open format and technical cooperation with our partner Skyline Software Systems - industry-leading end-to-end photogrammetry software suite 
    • IGI’s Advanced Aerial Mapping Systems: Photogrammetry + LiDAR
    • IGI UrbanMapper-2, 2-IN-1 Aerial Camera System + IGI LiteMapper, high-performing LiDAR systems
    • Fully automated professional photogrammetry production in PhotoMesh v7.7 by Skyline Software Systems
    • Highlights and what’s new in the new PhotoMesh v7.7
    • Build-in end-to-end fast AT
    • Built to scale city-country-wide production, example of Berlin from company Aerowest GmbH
    • Co-registration of Photogrammetry & LiDAR data
    • Host: Valerio Domenico Gulli, Senior Business Development Manager at IGI
    • Special guest: Eatay Ben Shechter, VP Imaging Solutions & Services at Skyline Software Systems

    When : Thursday, April 22 at 15:00 – 16:00 CET

    Where: Microsoft Teams

    Click here for free registration !


  • New LIS-Files valid until Feb - 2022

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    For WinMP software packages and older versions of AEROoffice/TERRAoffice (< v5.5) which use the Hardlock dongle a new LIS-file is required. These files are available from now on in the appropriate MyIGI section of our website. Please update your files before February to keep your software running...

  • IGIplan version 1.6.4

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    We are pleased to announce the release of IGIplan version 1.6.4. Some changes and features of the new version are:

    • Add city based location selection in Map WMS Editor
    • Convert Line Contour to Block Contour
    • Export of intermediate points for contour flights to KML to be able to follow the flight
    • Export Google Earth only Flight lines
    • Export for web browser