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  • IGIplan version 1.6.5

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    We are pleased to announce the release of IGIplan version 1.6.5. Some changes and features of the new version are:


    >>Add city based location selection in Map WMS Editor

    >>Convert Line Contour to Block Contour

    >>Export of intermediate points for contour flights to KML to be able to follow the flight

    >>Export Google Earth only Flight lines

    >>New Feature: Add functionality to swap segment and flight line end points in object browser context menu

    >>Add a function for drawing a limited geoid boundary to EnvLayer and the Area object as dashed lines

    >>Added special trajectory export function


    >>Improve visibility of city entries

    >>Fix undo issue with DTM related usersetting objects when they are placed outside of DTM range

    >>Change display of DTM related DC Segments which are placed outside of a DTM area

    >>Sometimes the DTM data from IGI ftp server is not transferred via the FTP connection

    >>Correct USA Geoid12A entries for Alaska, Hawaii and PuertoRico

    >>Limit use of DTM raster files to files with only one channel

    >>If loading of a raster DTM file failed, then the wrong file name was set in the DTM properties

    >>Fixed problem when moving an empty entry in report template editor

    >>Fixed problem when doing copy/paste using DTM releated objects

    >>Fixed problem from invalid composed sensors in sensor editor

    >>Fixed calculations for contour segments in some situations

    >>Fixed problem when mouse coordinate is not in DTM grid range

    >>Fixed problem with undoing the "ungroup" command of groups

    >>Fixed problem when usersetting objects are created outside of DTM area, when planning area uses a spheroidal coordinate system

  • New LIS-Files valid until Feb - 2023

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    For WinMP software packages and older versions of AEROoffice/TERRAoffice (< v5.5) which use the Hardlock dongle a new LIS-file is required. These files are available from now on in the appropriate MyIGI section of our website. Please update your files before February to keep your software running...

  • Streetmapper V

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    We are pleased to introduce the new IGI StreetMapper V.


    StreetMapper V is developed by IGI  for the rapid mapping of highways, infrastructure, and buildings. Using the very latest navigation technology, precise laser scanners, and advanced data processing coupled with innovative system design, StreetMapper V delivers proven accuracies in the most challenging environments.



    •          >> Highest Accuracy with IGI TERRAcontrol
    •          >> Proven highest accuracies in the absence of GNSS
    •          >> Dual Antenna Support
    •          >> Optical Odometer
    •          >> ZUPT Sensor
    •          >> Integrated laser scanners from Riegl
    •          >> Integrated Panoramic Camera, LB5+
    •          >> Integrated12/31MP camera, DIgiCAM-RT
    •          >> IntegratedThermal camera, DigiTHERM-640
    •          >> 360 Degree Field Of View
    •          >> Flexible Lifting Platform