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  • Streetmapper V

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    We are pleased to introduce the new IGI StreetMapper V.


    StreetMapper V is developed by IGI  for the rapid mapping of highways, infrastructure, and buildings. Using the very latest navigation technology, precise laser scanners, and advanced data processing coupled with innovative system design, StreetMapper V delivers proven accuracies in the most challenging environments.



    •          >> Highest Accuracy with IGI TERRAcontrol
    •          >> Proven highest accuracies in the absence of GNSS
    •          >> Dual Antenna Support
    •          >> Optical Odometer
    •          >> ZUPT Sensor
    •          >> Integrated laser scanners from Riegl
    •          >> Integrated Panoramic Camera, LB5+
    •          >> Integrated12/31MP camera, DIgiCAM-RT
    •          >> IntegratedThermal camera, DigiTHERM-640
    •          >> 360 Degree Field Of View
    •          >> Flexible Lifting Platform



  • IGI's PhoWo2019 presentation

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    InterGEO and PhoWo 2019 are just some days ago. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed meeting the geospatial community and presenting our innovative products.

    In case you could not participate or missed a session and would like to access the presentations, please click on the following link: https://www.igi-systems.com/presentations.html