IGI - Integrated Geospatial Innovations

IGI LiteMapper

Designed as a rugged but also compact and lightweight system, the IGI LiteMapper can be used in a variety of aircraft, from large airplanes and helicopters to ultra-light airplanes and gyroplanes or even remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). All systems are installed on vibration damped platforms or stabilized mounts.

  • LiDAR Sensor Accuracy: Up to 0.2cm
  • Operation Altitude AGL: Up to 4700m
  • Pulse Repetition Rate: Up to 2MHz
  • Waveform Processing: Online / Smart/ Full
  • Multiple Time Around Processing
  • IGI LMtrack - Online LiDAR Coverage
  • Touch-Screen or Tablet as Operator Screen
  • Integrated Sensor management (IGIvisu)
  • Integrated GNSS/IMU System (IGI AEROcontrol)
  • Integrated Mission Planning & Flight Guidance Solution (IGI CCNS-5 with IGIplan)

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