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RailMapper demonstrates innovative surveying technique on the Windbergbahn in Dresden


To demonstrate new technology the project RailMapper on the Dresden Windbergbahn was carried out as a collaboration of Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW Dresden), IGI and the Windbergbahn e.V. The RailMapper reached the Windbergbahn on Friday, October 25th. This Nissan Navara has been equipped as a HiRail car which enables it to survey both road and rail.

About 13:00 the RailMapper was rerailed at the railroad crossing below the railway station Dresden-Gittersee and then went back to Dresden-Gittersee station. The geospatial solution was equipped in the Z-Mapper class with one laser scanner. After some demonstration and tests at the station the geospatial solution was ready to launch the survey.sa

The survey startet at 16:25 to Freital-Birkigt. To get a high detail dataset the drive took place at a low but constant speed (about 15 km/h). The survey went smoothly and the RailMapper reached again Dresden-Gittersee at 18:45.

On Saturday morning the RailMapper was presented to an interested audience. Prof. Zimmermann of HTW Dresden together with Prof. Grimm from IGI demonstrated the project and answered the questions of the expert audience.

Some possible uses of the data collected include the gauge measurement, track geometry testing, calculation of 3D profiles and digital terrain models. The data processing is done now by students of the HTW Dresden.

A German version of this article was published on the Windbergbahn Blog.

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