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Meet us at INTERGEO

Kreuztal, October 1, 2013 –INTERGEO is only one week away. IGI will show various news in mobile mapping. For our customers the selection of sensors is increasing dramatically.

IGI stands for Ingenieur-Gesellschaft für Interfaces (engl. Engineering Company for Interfaces). The name speaks for itself. At INTERGEO IGI does unveil several innovations based on intelligent system integration and the development of interfaces. The added value turns into important customer benefits. Beside of this customers are invited to define and customize even multi-sensor systems according to their individual needs and applications. The result is a smart geospatial solution for surveying.

The flight planning software IGIplan and the flight guidance & sensor management system CCNS-5, now support the iXA Phase One medium format camera, providing 80 megapixels per image at a weight of 1.6 kg plus lens.

Another innovation for the airborne survey is the Cavalon Aerial Survey, a gyroplane which can be seen directly on the stand. The Cavalon Aerial Survey is made specifically for aerial surveys and can be equipped with various sensors. As default there are configurations for photogrammetry, airborne laser scanning and 3D city modelling available.

In the area of digital aerial cameras IGI shows the next generation for the Quattro-DigiCAM/Penta-DigiCAM, the world's first digital aerial camera system that combines large format and oblique images. In addition, there is new software for the automatic generation of 3D point clouds from stereo images. Based on the SURE technology from the Institute for Photogrammetry in Stuttgart the new solution extends the evaluation of the Semi Global Matching and optimizes the production of automatic 3D city models based on multi-perspective aerial imagery.

As a system integrator IGI is open for available sensors for data acquisition solutions. Currently, IGI offers four different mobile mapping systems based on four laser scanner manufacturers (Riegl, Zoller & Fröhlich, Velodyne and Faro). All IGI solutions use the same precise positioning technology (TERRAcontrol) and thus have a common user interface. However, the systems provide different specifications as to accuracy, range and noise performance. To consider the desired application is important. At IGI, customers can choose the optimal solution according to their individual needs.

At INTERGEO IGI will also show Europe's first hiRail vehicle for surveying. This surveying car can be used for road-based as well as rail-based applications. The vehicle merges the RailMapper and the StreetMapper concepts and is on display on the open-air grounds.

Please visit us in hall 3, stand B3.012 & on the open-air ground.

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