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IGIplan Version 1.7.0

We are pleased to announce the release of IGIplan version 1.7.0. This release contains the following new features:

New Features:

  • Corridor Planning - A new planning module for proposing events along a polyline path was added. This "Polyline Path Propose" module optionally supports to follow the terrain contour.
  • Settings Page for Planning Object Defaults added - In the IGIplan Settings dialog a new page for default values of some certain Mission Planning Objects was added. These default values can be used directly after editing the page.
  • Changes in Objects Browser
    • Item organization in Object Browser - Item organization (except Area and DTM) in the object browser can be changed via drag and drop. Single Items (except Area and DTM) in the object browser can be moved up or down via context menu command.
    • Sort Objects by Line Number - A context menu command was added to sort planning objects in the object browser ascending by line number.
    • Set Object Visibility in Multi-Selection Mode - Show or hide the currently multi-selected objects via context menu command.
  • Flight Order Overview - Curved connection lines can be displayed between the end point of the current and the start point of the next segment.
  • Polyline Editing Functions added - IGIplan now has functions to split a single polyline and to combine two or more polylines.


  • Object Name contains Line Number after creation - Now new created planning objects have the line number in the displayed name.
  • Map/DTM Editor - City Search shows results during input typing. The search result combo box in the Map/DTM Editor is filled during typing of the search entry. KML Import now supports color if a path or polygon in a kml file has a color property, then this color is used in IGIplan for map display.
  • Selection of Group Sub Objects now possible - Sub objects of groups can now be selected in the graphical view when the "Alt" key is held during selection.
  • Sideward Overlap and CCNS-5 Gap Limit setting changed - A Sidelap Tolerance value for cross track deviation was added and the Gap-Limit mode "automatic/manual" has been removed. The Sidelap value and the Sidelap Tolerance value define the CCNS Gap-Limit value.
  • Side Overlap Calculation for Digital Cameras improved - For Digital Cameras the side overlap calculation algorithm was changed in DTM based planning. This should result in a better proposal of line distribution.
  • Performance Improvements
    • Delayed Coverage Display Update during a segment drag operation - During a drag operation on lines, IGIplan might not show the full coverage display directly, instead only the way point positions are displayed and the full coverage display is shown delayed.
    • Coverage Area Calculation - A few changes in the coverage area calculation algorithm sometimes increase the processing speed.
  • New option "Non-Selected" added to Renumber dialog - A new option "Non-Selected" was added to the renumbering dialog to renumber only those objects which are not selected. 

For further details, please have a look at the release notes.

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