IGI - Integrated Geospatial Innovations

ifp students visit IGI

IGI, one of the world's leading geospatial companies, invited on 26th June 2014 a group of interested students and employees of ifp University of Stuttgart accompanied by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Fritsch at a hands-on workshop in the Kreuztal office.

After a warm welcome by the Manager of R&D Dr. Jens Kremer, the presentations showed an overview of IGI's portfolio and career prospects. In the lectures the students obtained an overall picture of the companies concept to provide its customers all necessary tools, starting from planning a mission, collecting the data and processing, up to delivering the final product. One student commented "All system components are very flexible and can be adapted to the customer's whishes."

In the afternoon the students got hands-on impressions while re-railing IGI's hi-rail solution for land (StreetMapper) and rail (RailMapper) applications and inspecting a gyroplane solution, which is equipped with a LiteMappersystem. In front of the office there was finally the opportunity for cakes and beverages, to deepen the impressions of the talks.

The group moved to the Castle Freusburg, their accommodation, an extraordinary historical place to stay. After watching the FIFA World Cup football game between Germany and USA the students listened intently to the amazing presentation about Albrecht Meydenbauer's life, the inventor of photogrammetry. IGI's founder Prof. Albrecht Grimm gave a tantalizing and inspiring speech about the history of photogrammetry where Foucade invented in 1865 the stereoscopy which is one of the basic principles of photogrammetry even today.

The students commented in their summary "As the night was coming to an end, different opinions were presented and for sure from this discussion with Prof. Grimm, there were many things the student had to consider.

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