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CCNS-5 Firmware Update v1.3.9


A new CCNS-5 firmware release is available. We are grateful for your feedback as this enables us to bring the CCNS-5 to perfection. The firmware is available for free to all CCNS-5 operators, please update your CCNS-5 today.


  • CCNS-5 Visual Setup Editors: Info Box Editor is scalable now.


  • CCNS-5 crashes for lines with one frame event only – selecting a line with one frame event only, leads to crash CCNS-5. Mission orientation information for the labels of the lines are now replaced by labels pointing north south. Please use at least IGIplan version 1.5.2 to have correctly oriented labels for single event lines.
  • Flight Profile units - units of parameters in Flight Profile overview are changed immediately when unit setting is changed.
  • Shutting down CCNS shows black screen - just after finishing the 5 seconds shut down sequence the CCNS-5 screens gets black for some time, letting the user assume that the CCNS-5 was shut down. But the CCNS-5 still shuts down and shows a CCNS-5 after a few seconds again. This period of black screen was removed. Please wait, until the CCNS-5 powers down by itself.
  • Pilot CCNS-5 crashes when there is no license on the device - just after the pilot device gets a time from the operator device it crashed, when there was no license set for the pilot device.

Please login to MyIGI, download the new release to update your CCNS-5.

Download CCNS-5 Firmware & CCNS-5 Configuration Software:

How to update the CCNS-5 firmware:
To update the firmware of your CCNS-5 please download the relevant firmware update file:
Please unzip the file resulting in a folder containing the file structure:

  1. Copy the folder "firmware-update" with its context to a NTFS formatted SDcard
  2. Insert the SDcard into the running CCNS-5 computer
  3. Select "System-Info"
  4. Select "Firmware-Update"
  5. Press "Update"
  6. Start the update by checking "yes" and confirming the update

The CCNS-5 will reboot and start the update progress.
The update will take about 10 minutes.

If you need any help with registration for MyIGI please contact us or register right now:

If you have any further feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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