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CCNS-5 Firmware Update v1.3.7

A new CCNS-5 firmware release is available. We are grateful for your feedback as this enables us to bring the CCNS-5 to perfection. The firmware is available for free to all CCNS-5 operators, please update your CCNS-5 today.


  • Attitude Deviation introduced for AEROcontrol sensors – When using a sensor system (or AEROcontrol standalone) the orientation deviation in role, pitch and track is shown in an info box. Deviation in role and pitch is done against zero degrees. Deviation in track is done related to planned track or true track (user setting). In the sensor properties thresholds can be set. If one of the thresholds is passed the info box is colored red in the background and the sensor info box one is filled with the deviation information. This info can then e.g. be used to detect problems with the mount.

  • Sensor System added - Generic Camera with AEROcontrol – this sensor system driver is used to command AEROcontrol (GNSS/IMU recording) along with optional mount controlling, combined with a generic camera. A new license is needed to use this system.


  • UltraCam driver – Event numbers above 9999 are supported now.

  • Zoom detail editor more user friendly – The threshold sliders are illustrated now and show threshold values in cross indicator units / zoom levels.

  • Only top level projects are parsed from mission card – Do only export mission plannings to the top level of your mission card (sd-card).


  • UltraCam driver – Syncing UltraCam event numbers and CCNS-5 event numbers sometimes failed. This is fixed now. CCNS-5 overtakes the UC event number at the beginning of each line.

  • Polygons from planning are shown in map – When checking the export polygons check mark in the CCNS-5 export, the polygons are exported and shown in the map views. Depending on the zoom details, the polygons are shown or hidden.

  • Track deviation indicator – Depending on planned track (north or south) the track deviation indicator only showed turns to left. This is fixed now.

  • Data annotation for DigiCAM – When flying over 180W the indication of the position was not mapped to 180E. This is now fixed.


Please login to MyIGI, download the new release to update your CCNS-5.

Download CCNS-5 Firmware & CCNS-5 Configuration Software:

How to update the CCNS-5 firmware:
To update the firmware of your CCNS-5 please download the relevant firmware update file:
Please unzip the file resulting in a folder containing the file structure:

  1. Copy the folder "firmware-update" with its context to a NTFS formatted SDcard
  2. Insert the SDcard into the running CCNS-5 computer
  3. Select "System-Info"
  4. Select "Firmware-Update"
  5. Press "Update"
  6. Start the update by checking "yes" and confirming the update

The CCNS-5 will reboot and start the update progress.
The update will take about 10 minutes.

If you need any help with registration for MyIGI please contact us or register right now:

If you have any further feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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