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CCNS-5 Firmware Update v1.3.10


A new CCNS-5 firmware release is available. We are grateful for your feedback to help us improve the CCNS-5. The firmware is available for free to all CCNS-5 users, please update your CCNS-5 today.


The new firmware v1.3.10 includes a couple of fixes for license problems, mission card caching improvements, on-time sensor preparation and a SDcard format check.


For a detailed description please have a look at the release notes.


Please login to MyIGI, download the new release to update your CCNS-5.

Download CCNS-5 Firmware & CCNS-5 Configuration Software:


How to update the CCNS-5 firmware:
To update the firmware of your CCNS-5 please download the relevant firmware update file:
Please unzip the file resulting in a folder containing the file structure:

  1. Copy the folder "firmware-update" with its context to a NTFS formatted SDcard
  2. Insert the SDcard into the running CCNS-5 computer
  3. Select "System-Info"
  4. Select "Firmware-Update"
  5. Press "Update"
  6. Start the update by checking "yes" and confirming the update

The CCNS-5 will reboot and start the update progress.
The update will take about 10 minutes.

If you need any help with registration for MyIGI please contact us or register right now:


If you have any further feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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