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AEROoffice / TERRAoffice Version 5.5.0

AEROoffice / TERRAoffice - GNSS/IMU Processing Software
GNSS-INS direct georeferencing software for the AEROcontrol / TERRAcontrol system. It provides all functions and tools necessary for processing, Exterior Orientation (EO) calculation, quality control and export of the collected GNSS and IMU data. AEROcontrol / TERRAcontrol together with AEROoffice / TERRAoffice enables missions to be flown within less time to save fuel and flying costs for sustainable missions.


AEROoffice / TERRAoffice version 5.5.0
We are pleased to announce the release of AEROoffice / TERRAoffice version 5.5.0. This release is a 64 Bit version. It supports the new Compact units, and also Geoid GCG2016. AEROoffice / TERRAoffice version 5.5.0 has a new ROBUST Mode for terrestrial mapping projects.

For further details, please have a look at the release notes (AEROoffice / TERRAoffice).


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