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AEROoffice & TERRAoffice v5.4.30 released

IGI, a leading guidance and navigation specialist, has recently announced a new minor release of its leading post-processing software AEROoffice & TERRAoffice - version 5.4.30.

Besides support for new Geoids for U.S. and Canadian Coordinate Systems this version has a new feature which enables the easy import of GCP information from LiDAR Mobile Mapping into the TERRAoffice processing. This feature opens the door for complete new fields of application. With the  measurement of some GCPs, high accuracies can be achieved within tunnels or similar situations.

For further details, please have a look at the release notes (AEROoffice/TERRAoffice).

The software update is free for users with valid support contract. You can easily download it right now from MyIGI within our website.
If you need any help with your upgrade or support contract, please contact us.

Link to AEROoffice v5.4.30:

Link to TERRAoffice v5.4.30:

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