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IGImatch / Sure

IGImatch automatically creates dense point clouds, DSMs, true orthofotos and 3D meshes from nadir & oblique aerial images and its corresponding precise orientations. Using state of the art dense matching algorithms based on Sure technology from German based company nFrames, IGImatch converts image data from all kind of frame cameras into 3D information which can be tiled and exported into different user selectable standard file formats.

  • Automatic Dense Point Cloud and DSM and True Orthophoto Generation
  • Automatic 2.5D & 3D Mesh Generation
  • Simplified Workflow for DigiCAM Camera Series
  • Support of Nadir & Oblique Aerial Images for 3D City Modelling
  • Smart Point Cloud Filtering
  • Multi-ray Point Cloud Triangulation
  • Parallelization for Multi Core Processing
  • Support for GPU Computing

Automatically generated dense point cloud

Imagery acquired by RPAS/UAV with IGI DigiCAM at 2cm GSD.

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