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IGI Quattro-DigiCAM

The IGI Quattro-DigiCAM is a large-format aerial camera system. Simultaneously it can be converted to an oblique aerial camera system while using the IGI Dual Housing. The new designed IGI Quattro-DigiCAM has a NIR channel and features FMC - Forward Motion Compensation.

  • High Swath Width: 28,200 pixel
  • 0.85 sec frame rate
  • FMC by TDI or FMC by BCM
  • High Dynamic Range >84dB
  • Phase One or Hasselblad Camera Head
  • Channels: RGBI, RGB, CIR, NIR (nadir), 4x RGB (oblique)
  • Convertible from Large Format to Oblique Camera System (IGI Dual Housing)
  • IGI SMU-2 (Sensor Management Unit)
  • Up to 8TB Storage Units (with RAID Option)
  • Integrated Mission Planning & Flight Guidance (CCNS-5 & IGIplan)
  • Integrated Sensor Management (IGIvisu)
  • Integrated GNSS/IMU System (AEROcontrol)
  • 10" or 20" Operator Screen

3D City Model

Photo-realistic 3D model of the city of Brunswick. Textured using oblique aerial immagery by IGI DigiCAM.
Flight taken by Aerowest, Dortmund in 2011.
3D city model realised by 3D Reality Maps Inc., Munich.

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