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After the successful delivery of the Sensor Management System of the first German Open Skies aircraft in the 90s, IGI is proud to provide four IGI DigiCAM-OS airborne camera systems for the new German Open Skies aircraft, the Airbus A-319-OH!

The IGI modular concept provides state-of-the-art technology and the largest field of view of up to 10KM at an unrivaled price!
With their outstanding performance and innovative integration, the DigiCAM-OS take the German Open Skies aircraft to change the perspective on the world.

Open Skies

Open skies is the longest held idea in the history of modern arms control. Proposed in the mid-1950 as a bilateral US-Soviet measure, a multilateral Open skies Treaty comprising all NATO and all former Warsaw Treaty members, including the main successor states to the former Soviet Union, was signed in 1992. Based on the principles of cooperation and openness, the Treaty enables states parties to overfly and observe the territory of one another. Crews of the inspection and inspected states have to work closely together to attain their objectives. As the imagery taken during observation flights is accessible to all states parties, the Treaty places all members on an equal footing. Open Skies images have already proved themselves in the verification of several arms control agreements as well as in other monitoring missions. Technically, Open Skies images are equivalent and often superior to those taken by commercial satellites or comparable sources, plus more cost effective. A flexible, modern, forward-looking instrument, the Open Skies Treaty practice can and should be adapted to current security needs and technological possibilities.

Highlights of the DigiCAM-OS
  • Aerial Camera Systems for three flight levels
    • +1,500 AGL - Low
    • +3,000 AGL - Medium
    • +6,000 AGL - High
  • Thermal Camera System for low flight level
    • +1,500 AGL - Low
  • IGI SMU-2 (Sensor Management Unit)
  • Fully tested against EASA EUROCAE ED-14E / FAA DO-160 specification
  • Maximum Field of View up to 10,000 meter
  • Integrated Sensor Management (IGIvisu)
  • Integrated GNSS/IMU System (AEROcontrol)



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