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Using two thermal head sensors, Dual DigiTHERM is able to boost the swath width to 1240 pixel. With a thermal resolution of 0.005K, the standard temperature range is -40°C to 120°C. The two uncooled microbolometer FPA-detectors deliver brilliant thermal images in high quality. Using a graphical user inferface with real time preview, no additional video system is required. Both featuring rugged metal housings and being part of IGI's Modular Sensor Systems, DigiTHERM and DigiCAM are extremely robust and can be exchanged conveniently and inexpensively during airborne missions. Combined with IGIplan, CCNS5 and AEROcontrol GPS/IMU system, Dual DigiTHERM forms a complete solution for an extremely rapid and automated workflow for the generation of directly georeferenced thermal images.

  • Uncooled & Cooled Sensor Heads
  • Up to 2 Megapixel; swath width
  • Temperature Range: -40° ... 2000° C
  • Frame Rate: up to 106 Hz
  • Calibrated Aerial Camera System
  • Lenses: 8mm ... 200mm
  • Touch-Screen or Tablet for Operation
  • Integrated Sensor management (IGIvisu)

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