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IGI’s DigiTHERM offers a professional camera system for digital thermography. It comes with a temperature range of -40°C to 120°C and delivers up to 1280x1024 pixels resolution making use of a 0.025K thermal resolution. IGI DigiTHERM can be combined with IGI’s LiteMapper or StreetMapper, RailMapper & SAM for airborne or mobile imagery respectively.

  • Uncooled & Cooled Sensor Heads
  • Up to 1 Megapixel; swath width
  • Temperature Range: -40° ... 2000° C
  • Frame Rate: Up to 106 Hz
  • Calibrated Aerial Camera System
  • Lenses: 8mm ... 200mm
  • Touch-Screen or Tablet for Operation
  • Integrated Sensor management (IGIvisu)
  • Integrated GNSS/IMU System(AEROcontrol)
  • Integrated Mission Planning & Flight Guildance Solution (CCNS-5 with IGIplan)

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