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IGI's DigiCAM is a result of the company's passion for airborne developments. DigiCAM is a aerial digital camera system in medium format, providing professional photogrammetry.

DigiCAM can be combined with IGI's products CCNS-5 and AEROcontrol in order to get access to a complete solution for generating directly georeferenced images on a planned mission.

  • Up to 150MP resolution, RGB or NIR
  • Up to 0.4 sec frame rate
  • FMC by TDI or FMC by BCM
  • High Dynamic Range >84dB
  • Phase One or Hasselblad Camera Head
  • Channels: RGBI, RGB, CIR, NIR (IGI Dual-DigiCAM)
  • IGI SMU-2 (Sensor Management Unit)
  • 2x up to 2TG Storage Units (with RAID)
  • Integrated Mission Planning & Flight Guidance (CCNS-5 & IGIplan)
  • Integrated Sensor Management (IGIvisu)
  • Integrated GNSS/IMU System (AEROcontrol)
  • 10" or 20" Operator Screen

DigiCAM and IGImatch

Imagery acquired by RPAS/UAV with IGI DigiCAM at 2cm GSD.

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